What is Hannosh's?

Isaac Hannosh established Hannosh’s as a destination for timeless treasures. His profound appreciation for horological marvels is evident in the collection of vintage watches, modern watches, and jewelry, which entices both enthusiasts and collectors. Each timepiece resonates with narratives from opulent eras. Isaac is a collector and dealer of fine watches, jewelry, collectibles and hard assets since 2004.

Beyond their renowned watch collection, Hannosh’s serves as a sanctuary for enthusiasts of collectibles. Within its walls lie a wide assortment that transcends temporal boundaries, inviting patrons to explore artifacts steeped in history and rarity. Through their meticulously curated auctions, Hannosh’s orchestrates an immersive experience, seamlessly bridging the past and present. Each lot showcased is more than a possession; it embodies a fragment of history, captivating the eye of collectors seeking treasures that go beyond mere material value.

The Premiere Michigan Auction House

When it comes to our Auction House, Hannosh’s sets the standard for a professional and efficient auction. We offer no buyers premiums and reserves on some of the most hard to fine watches, jewelry and rarities. 


At Hannosh’s, we understand that desires often go beyond what’s readily available on our website. We believe in providing a tailored shopping experience that caters to individual preferences. If you’re looking for something specific that you can’t find in our online catalog, we welcome and encourage you to request custom items or unique products. Our dedicated service team is here to assist you in realizing your vision. Simply reach out through our contact page or service hotline, and share your requirements or preferences. Whether it’s a distinct piece of jewelry, a personalized timepiece, or any other special item, we are committed to working closely with you, leveraging our network of skilled artisans and suppliers to create or source the perfect item that matches your unique tastes and needs. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we aim to turn your custom requests into exquisite realities.